Dispute Resolution Attorneys


Reducing Litigation Stress, Increasing Case Resolution

Litigation can prove time-consuming and become costly, so even a trial win may not be the best way to resolve disputes. Although we enjoy a record of courtroom achievements, we seek to optimize case outcomes while managing the costs, time and stress of a lawsuit. Our lawyers evaluate the most appropriate and effective strategies to reach clients’ goals.

Our lawyers use arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as pragmatic ways to meet our clients’ needs. Alternative dispute resolutions include the following forums: arbitration (binding), mediation, summary jury trial, moderated settlement, etc.

We counsel clients on how to incorporate ADR into their everyday business practices. Our attorneys work with clients to prepare contract provisions, organizational procedures and guidelines on using arbitration and mediation to settle commercial disputes and internal matters.

Mediation Proceedings

Mediation may take many different forms, and mediators often follow their own unique paths to understand a dispute and effectuate a settlement between the parties. Stone & Sallus LLP represents clients in a wide range of mediation proceedings. Often, our lawyers reach a favorable result that might not be possible through trial alone.