Los Angeles Contract Lawyers

At Stone and Sallus, our Los Angeles contract lawyers provide contractual legal services. Including drafting and reviewing contracts, contract disputes, as well as contract litigation.

As business law attorneys, we provide businesses and individuals with answers to their questions and advice about choosing the best legal entity for their goals and objectives.

What is a Contract?

A contract is a legal agreement between two or more parties enforced by law. California laws specify what a legally binding contract must include.

The basic parts of a contract contain:

  • Capacity where all parties of legal age and sound mind;
  • Mutual agreement made willingly; 
  • Consideration where the parties receive something of value for performing; and 
  • Legality under the law not involving illegal conduct.

Breach of contract remedies include these damages:

  • General damages including monetary settlement or money won in a lawsuit; 
  • Consequential damages also called “special” damages like attorney’s fees, loss of use or goodwill; 
  • Reliance means losses suffered in reasonable reliance on a promise; and 
  • Specific performance where the court orders the defendant to perform a specific act. 

How our Los Angeles Contract Lawyers help Draft and Protect Your Agreement

The Los Angeles contract lawyers at Stone & Sallus LLP offer you knowledgeable and skilled consultants with all aspects of contract law. Our contracts lawyers possess vast experience negotiating terms and drafting contracts, as well as experience with any sort of breach of contract.  

We provide contractual legal services for every business, profession, and individuals. Stone & Sallus attorneys advocate on our clients’ behalf over contract disputes and contract lawsuits.

Rely on our experienced and skilled lawyers to review and draft contracts for small, medium, and large businesses. 

Expect our attorneys to provide you with the information you need to sign contracts knowing your rights and obligations.

We, at Stone & Sallus, provide years of experience representing all types of contracts for businesses and individuals in the greater Los Angeles area. 

Types of Business Contracts 

Business contracts involve different parties depending on the type of contract.

We help you with the following types of contracts:

  • Business to business contracts;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Independent Contractor Agreements;
  • Real Estate contracts;
  • Buying and Selling products or services agreements;
  • And more.

Services Provided by our Los Angeles Contract Lawyers

We provide our clients with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and protection before entering into business relationships. 

Our contract legal services comprise of:

Reviewing contracts – We review every contract to look for errors, discrepancies, and undesirable terms before you sign it.

Negotiating contracts – We act on your behalf when negotiating every part of a contract with the other parties. We protect your interests.

Drafting contracts – Business agreements mean all parties agreeing on the conditions and terms of a contract. When we draft a contract we strive to work with all parties to reach an agreement. Yet, we put your needs above all others. 

Contract litigation – When parties to a contract disagree we advocate defending your legal rights. Sometimes the parties agree to a settlement. But, when negotiations fail to preserve your contractual rights we litigate the dispute before a judge or jury. 

Contract Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles

Sometimes business relations break down. When business associates or partners distance themselves they seek legal counsel. In some cases they end up facing lawsuits. Let’s explain some of the types of business litigation issues. 

Breach of Contract 

Contract disputes in Los Angeles sometimes come before a judge or jury. Breach of contract remains the most common business lawsuit. A contract “breach” amounts to a failure to perform a promise without a legal excuse. 

California laws respect written promises made by all parties to a contract. If the other parties to one of your contracts fail to perform their obligations you maintain the right to sue them in a court of law. 

Recovery in Contract Disputes

A breach of contract lawsuit allows you to recover all damages resulting from the breach. Damages include loss of profits from a sale that fell through and the time you wasted relying on the defendant’s promises. 

Besides recovering damages for loss of profits a judge may order the defendant to perform the contract called “specific performance”.  

Also, additional damages arising from losses suffered due to:

  • Failing to pay for products or services;
  • Failing to deliver products or services;
  • Missing important deadlines;
  • Failing to perform obligations of related secondary contracts such as loans or leases which causes harm to your business; and
  • Work stoppages.

Contract Dispute Lawyer

Hiring a contract dispute lawyer occurs when business relations wind up in an antagonistic situation. One party seeks an attorney to make demands. The other hires a lawyer to defend against the claims. 

Our contract lawyers in Los Angeles offer you years of experience resolving breach of contract disputes for businesses and individuals such as:

  • Breach of buy-sell contract;
  • Violating a commercial lease;
  • Breaching an employment contract;
  • Breaking a services contract;
  • Breach of franchise contract;
  • Infringing on an entertainment contract;
  • Disobeying a services contract;
  • Breach of construction contract;
  • Canceling an asset purchase contract;
  • Breaking a licensing contract;
  • Failing to collect business debts; and
  • Breach of a loan agreement.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Stone & Sallus also offers alternative contract dispute resolutions like arbitration and mediation. These alternatives replace lengthy lawsuits to help you avoid timely, costly, and stressful litigation. 

Arbitration – Settling a legal dispute when all parties agree to use a neutral third party (arbitrator) who hears all sides and makes a binding decision of the dispute. 

Mediation – Where all parties agree to allow a third party (mediator) who works to find points of agreement to build upon for a settlement on all conflicts. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – Other forms to resolve disputes faster like a moderated settlement or summary jury trial. 

Contact our Los Angeles contract lawyers to draft a strongly worded contract to help avoid litigation or to defend you in the case you’re facing a breach of contract.