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The Los Angeles business litigation lawyers at Stone and Sallus help clients get results for business disputes throughout LA county and the state of California.


Business litigation may arise from all business relationships and disputes: workplace disagreements, allegations of harassment, product failure, or poorly written contracts. Handling the legal strategy of a business is a delicate matter that can break a company or save it. Any business matter should therefore be reviewed by vetted business or corporate litigation attorneys that can protect your rights and in the case of litigation, help maximize recovery.

What is Business or Commercial Litigation?

Business litigation, also known as commercial litigation, is a law practice focused on defending a person or entity accused of wrongdoing in the line of business. Litigation is the process by which a case is resolved by a trial in a court of law or alternative dispute resolution. Commercial litigation is often more complex business litigation which overlaps in similar areas. Business law will focus on the day to day facets of running a business concentrating on state and federal laws. While commercial law relies on the 1958 Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which has been adopted within all fifty states, District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands. The UCC facilitates commerce among the States providing uniform. It directs all sales and commercial business in these areas. It is designed to protect consumers of unlawful business practice in the United States. Where business and commercial intermix is during the negotiating and litigating with business contracts; employment agreements and intellectual property.

Types of Commercial/Business Litigation We Handle

As business litigation attorneys in Los Angeles, we have successfully provided results for our clients in cases related to business disputes. We are able to protect our clients from the root of their legal needs to the full extent of their business. This means our business litigation attorneys prevent or fight for our clients on business disputes related to:

Contract Disputes: A contract is nothing more than an agreement, oral or written, that can be enforced in a court of law.

Purchase or Sales: Protecting legal interests in purchase or sale agreements or in the case of a dispute stemming from a transaction.

Breach of Contract: A breach occurs when a party to a contract fails to fulfill its obligation/s as established in the contract.

Employment Discrimination: Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against race, color, religion, sex or national origin, specifically with employment.

Negligence Torts: Torts can occur when someone injures you, slanders your reputation, or damages your property. A tort is defined as a private wrong, as opposed to criminal acts which are considered public wrongs.

Employment Laws: The current employment laws of 2020 effect business which include; AB5 independent contractors; AB25 on data privacy personal information held by businesses; SB142 employee accommodation for lactation; and 12964.5 can’t waive a claim, under FEHA ( Fair Employment and Housing Act) unless agreement is negotiated as defined by statute.

Non-Compete Agreements: A non-compete clause usually in an employment agreement, (contract law) where an employee (one party) consents not to enter into or start a similar profession or trade in competition against their employer (another party).

Partnership Disputes: Majority ownership vs. minority ownership, partnership disagreements, violation of unauthorized disclosure, or monetary disputes.

Intellectual Property Infringement: Intellectual property (IP) is protected by law and refers to the creative process. It is property resulting from the intellectual creations of the creative mind, for instance inventions, literary, artistic designs and ideas.

Antitrust Laws: Antitrust laws are meant to regulate business corporations, called trusts, from becoming monopolies to restrict competition.

Aviation Disputes: Aviation Disputes includes aircraft trading, finance and leasing.

Bad Faith: Bad faith handling claims, refusal to defend lawsuit, threats against insured, reasonable settlement offer, unreasonable interpretations of an insurance policy.

Class Action: Class actions are more complex business litigation cases, usually involving a group of people represented by a single member.

How to Avoid Business Litigation in Los Angeles

Making sure you cross your T’S and dot your I’S while running a business is being legally savvy. Having a legal professional can save time, money, and stress. Hiring a skilled attorney allows a business to eliminate future litigation by minimizing risk sooner rather than later. Employment agreements are essential when hiring people for your company. It can be difficult navigating all the state and federal laws and regulations. Staying updated on legal issues when running a business is important to prevent litigation. Hiring a knowledgeable business attorney to assist can eliminate unnecessary contractual disagreements, employee lawsuits or fines caused by compliance negligence. To help avoid business litigation, be mindful of these variables often at the center of a dispute:

  • Contracting with your vendors being specific to everyone’s duties under it.
  • Signing agreements with other businesses make sure you understand what was agreed upon before you sign.
  • Choosing the correct entity for your business. 
  • Trademark your business it identifies your business and prevents another person from offering a similar product or service confusingly like yours.

Find An Experienced Business Litigation Attorney

As experienced business litigation attorneys, we advocate for alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation or arbitration. We pride ourselves at Stone and Sallus for being aggressive negotiators and carefully structuring settlements in our client’s favor, both short and long term. Avoiding litigation is the first and most fundamental step for a business litigation attorney. When an unavoidable business or commercial dispute requires litigation, our attorneys are ready to defend your interests in court. Stone and Sallus stand by businesses for the long haul, resolving legal matters and minimizing risk as businesses develop, pivot, or face business litigation. It’s a priority at our firm to help our clients feel secure and to use our legal expertise to tailor our advice to the unique needs of the circumstances. Identify the best legal solution for your case during a consultation with a business litigation attorney. Located in Los Angeles, call us or schedule a consultation to review your business dispute with our team, Stone and Sallus.

Business Litigation Attorney FAQ’s

A business litigation attorney is an option for companies of all sizes who are at risk of losing out on money or other property because of disputes. Knowing that you have access to a skilled legal professional can help put your mind at ease regardless of the complexity of the issues at hand. Not only can they seek damages on your behalf, but they can protect you if you face litigation as a result of alleged practices of you or an employee.

What Does A Business Litigation Attorney Do?

Business litigation attorneys handle a variety of legal issues for entities of all sizes. The majority may revolve around various types of contracts in breach, but that can include:

1) Class actions
2) Intellectual property issues
3) Supplier concerns

And many, many others. Fraud is a similar issue that many businesses face, including accounting issues, malfeasance and related types of issues. Finally, trade libel and employee trade secrets are often issues that may seem like they can be handled internally, but often result in companies choosing to hire a business litigation attorney. While business litigation is a common occurrence for corporations, business litigation attorneys can also help prevent these issues from happening in the first place. They can draft contracts and business agreements that provide adequate protections to all parties as well as handle business formation questions for proprietors.

Who Should Handle Internal Business Disputes?

Websites are not the best place to obtain legal advice for your specific situation. However, when it comes to internal disputes you should consider the risks of future issues when deciding whether or not to handle issues internally. While it may seem like adding extra effort to hire a business litigation attorney, the probability is much higher that the dispute will be resolved completely and tie up loose ends.

Do I Need A Business Litigation Attorney?

Whether or not you choose to engage a business litigation attorney is always ultimately your choice. Through experience, the lawyers at Stone Sallus LLP have found that the earlier clients work with us, the less likely they suffer long-term business damage as a result of litigation. When considering the need for a litigator on your behalf, be sure to consider:

1) What contracts and remedies you are aware of;
2) Your understanding of the processes that you need to follow;
3) Your time and resource availability to handle legal issues on your own;
4) The potential damages you may be missing out on if you don’t opt for a lawyer.

What Damages Can Business Litigation Attorneys Recover?

There are a variety of damages that you may be able to obtain with the help of a business litigation lawyer. In almost all cases, they are designed to provide a legal avenue for making the plaintiff whole if the defendant did not satisfy their end of a contract. Examples include:

1) Compensatory damages – Compensatory damages are designed to make a plaintiff “whole” by putting him or her in the same financial situation if the contract was not in breach.

2) Liquidated damages – These monetary or similar damages are awarded based on the terms of a contract that is in breach.

3) Reliance damages – Compensation from cases involving reliance are difficult to define but rely on what a business could have achieved without a defendant’s misrepresentations. Two slightly different types of damages business litigation attorneys recover included restitution damages and punitive damages. In these situations, the plaintiff may be able to obtain what the defendant was able to achieve monetarily in the former case, or in the latter case receive monetary damages designed to dissuade the defendant from engaging in similar practices in the future.

How long does litigation take?

Usually, one or more years, but most cases don’t go to trial. They settle out of court.

Who is a plaintiff?

Plaintiff is the person who filed a complaint. The plaintiff must show cause of action for the lawsuit and the plaintiff has the burden to prove the case.

Who is the defendant?

Defendant is the person the lawsuit is against. The Complaint is prepared by the plaintiff, it’s filed with the courts, and then the defendant will receive it. Parties will bring their expert witness, depositions are made, and a trial date is set (usually) a year.

What is ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution?

More than likely, before the trial date, the Judge could ask for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), not a trial, a method to bring parties together through arbitration or mediation. In this effort, a mediator or arbitrator can be asked to assist the case. An effort made by the court which tries to have the parties settle instead of going to trial. The difference is litigation can be appealed, but the decision by the arbitrator can’t. The mediator’s decision is not binding by the parties.

Protecting LA Businesses in Litigation

It’s important that the attorney you hire is polished in business litigation. He/she will come up with a strategy to meet your business goals. Finding an attorney who works well with you and communicates effectively can minimize cost and maximize profits. When hiring an attorney be sure to: 

  • Ask and prepare a list of questions for the consultation.
  • Interview a few attorneys.
  • View credentials from an attorney that has experience in the type of business your company conducts. How long has he/she been practicing? Investigate the attorneys background.
  • Is their office conveniently located?
  • Read any retainer agreement, review it and ask about how other costs will be determined. Understand what is covered.

Every state has a disciplinary organization which monitors attorneys, their licenses, and consumer complaints. Be prepared by hiring an accomplished attorney to inform and guide your business needs. 

Remember that attorneys help prevent disputes, lawyers can protect all parties in various business transactions. The importance in knowing the legality of routine business matters and that’s where our business dispute attorneys at Stone and Sallus can help. All businesses should be prepared with legal representation. Business litigation and commercial litigation involve difficult situations that deal with employees, contracts, trademarks, business torts, class action lawsuits and so many other business related challenges.

At Stone and Sallus, our business litigation attorneys have won many cases related to business disputes and our team is ready to answer questions.