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Stone & Sallus are real estate transaction attorneys involved in many areas of real estate law throughout Los Angeles and the state of California.  We handle all types of transactions from a contract of sale, lease agreement, term negotiation, litigate lawsuits and many other complex matters that occur during a real estate transaction. Using a legal real estate attorney often prevents any problems that might not be apparent to someone without a legal background. We work with developers, investors, brokers, residential and commercial owners. Hire a legal professional to resolve your complex real estate transactions. 

Our scope ranges in various areas, including areas that deal with titles, contract breaches, review of residential or commercial contracts, easement rights, foreclosures, evictions, and rescinded contracts. Further explanations of these transactions are as follows:

  •     Quiet Title is a court action brought to establish title or to remove a cloud on the title.  Moreover, it can also be an action clearing tax title or titles based upon adverse possession.
  •     Breach of Contract is a violation of any of the terms or conditions of a contract in default or non-performance.
  •     Residential and Commercial reviewed sales contracts for residential or commercial property can help negotiate the purchase price, obtaining a mortgage, reviewing terms of the sales agreement such as disclosures to check for any repairs that need to be addressed. Other aspects of attorney involvement in a real estate transaction would be preparing deeds, requesting appraisals, title search, title insurance and transfer of property.
  •     Easement is a right, a privilege or interest which one party has in the land of another.
  •     Fraud Misrepresentation is the intentional deception to cheat or deceive another person and thereby some dishonest advantage.
  •     Unlawful Detainer is an action to recover possession of real property from a tenant.
  •     Foreclosure is a procedure whereby pledged security for a debt is sold to pay the debt in event of default in payment or terms.  

Real Estate Litigation Involving Covid-19

In the case of real estate litigation that involves the impact of Covid-19 is influencing a purchase or closing of a house, under the California Civil [CA Civ Code § 1511 (2017)]:  

            The want of performance of an obligation, or of an offer of performance, in whole or in part, or any delay therein, is excused by the following causes, to the extent to which they operate:

1. When such performance or offer is prevented or delayed by the act of the creditor, or by the operation of law, even though there may have been a stipulation that this shall not be an excuse; however, the parties may expressly require in a contract that the party relying on the provisions of this paragraph give written notice to the other party or parties, within a reasonable time after the occurrence of the event excusing performance, of an intention to claim an extension of time or of an intention to bring suit or of any other similar or related intent, provided the requirement of such notice is reasonable and just;

2. When it is prevented or delayed by an irresistible, superhuman cause, or by the act of public enemies of this state or of the United States, unless the parties have expressly agreed to the contrary; or,

3. When the debtor is induced not to make it, by any act of the creditor intended or naturally tending to have that effect, done at or before the time at which such performance or offer may be made, and not rescinded before that time.

If you are involved in a contract rescission due to the impact of Covid-19 and need assistance, remember we are here to help.  

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