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At Stone & Sallus, our Los Angeles landlord attorneys fight for our clients in need protection from tenants that have broken their lease or require eviction. We advise landlords on legal matters regarding landlord-tenant disputes around the Los Angeles area.

Our firm realizes the value of setting a strong layer of legal protection between you and your tenants. We represent landlords of both commercial and residential properties. As top Los Angeles landlord attorneys, we can protect you against tenants that have consistently missed rent, have violated their lease, or have taken legal action against you.

Stone & Sallus’ Lawyers Protect Los Angeles Landlords

In every case, we educate landlords on requirements all LA landlords should know.  Preparation of your legal documents and procedures is key to a smooth purchase or rental of a property.  

Our team of Los Angeles landlord attorneys can determine the correct term conditions with a lease to protect you on any legal action a tenant might pursue.  We know California law and stay updated for you on local ordinances in Los Angeles. The lease must be written with knowledge of the latest ordinances and be clear and concise to all parties.  A properly written lease is the landlords’ weapon in court when written correctly. A lease agreement is an essential document between a landlord and tenant.

A Los Angeles landlord attorney may often recommend the following to be added to your lease agreement:

  1. Names of landlord and tenant
  2. Full address of the property being rented
  3. Rental term included the exact date whether six months or a year or month to month
  4. Rent amount and due date
  5. Amount of security deposit collected and procedures for returning security deposit
  6. Tenants’ responsibilities (e.g. keep free of hazardous material or follow building and housing codes). Be clear and specific when stating responsibilities of tenant
  7. Signatures and dates. Make sure (lease) agreement has signatures of both the landlord and tenant

Leave your worries about written contracts and documentation to us.  Los Angeles landlord attorneys, like Stone & Sallus, will help you make the best choices for future legal protection or in the event an issue has already presented itself. Our chat line is ready to assist with any landlord questions you have.

Reasons a Landlord Lawyer Can Help to Evict Tenants

Our landlord lawyers are ready to walk your tenant’s eviction. Every landlord must be closely familiar with their legal obligations in the event you need to evict a tenant. It’s important for landlords to understand that they can’t evict a tenant until they serve them a three-day notice, even if they are late with rent.

Reasons to Evict Tenants:

  1. Tenant has failed to pay rent
  2. Tenant has broken the terms of the lease (e.g. no pets allowed)
  3. Damage to the property
  4. Tenant refuses to leave after valid lease termination or when lease is up and after being provided legally sufficient notice

Hire Stone & Sallus for your Los Angeles landlord attorney needs. Our friendly chat line is ready to assist with any questions in real-time. Contact a Stone and Sallus real estate law attorney at 310.889.0233.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Our Los Angeles Landlord Lawyers

Our landlord attorneys often receive similar questions on landlord-tenant disputes that happen in Los Angeles. To help you put your best foot forward when up against a difficult situation with your tenant, we’ve put together responses to the most commonly asked questions we get from LA landlords.

Nine out of ten times someone who is late on their rent will more than likely keep being late. To protect yourself and the rental property serve 3-day notice to pay rent/quit.

It’s always important to fill out the 3-day notice correctly. Improper information can delay the eviction costing you loss of rental revenue.

After the tenant receives the 3-day notice they should pay within three days, if not, you can start the eviction process by filling out proper forms.

Rental property owners have to comply with local regulatory compliances and codes. The Housing & Community Investment Department has several divisions that inspect rental units throughout the city of Los Angeles (HCIDLA).

Habitable properties must be waterproof, electrical systems with no exposed wires, no garbage, working toilet, sink in kitchen, fire emergency exits.  All properties with 16 units, or more must have a residential manager.

Tenants must give the landlord proper notice if a repair needs to be made on property before deducting it from their rent. It’s Important to keep accurate records, receipts, and orders for repairs.  The records of the work done is extremely important to the landlord. Keep it organized, so that you will have proof if it goes to court.

Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) advocates and protects renters from obsessive rental increases but also allowing landlords to have decent profit on their property.  Under the RAC 240 – Just and Reasonable Rent Adjustment Commission Guidelines,  when a business is unprofitable compared to its first year of business, ‘a permanent rent increase adjusted for inflation may be permitted to be added to the rent to improve the property’s profitability and permit a fair return on the owner’s investment.’

RSO has guidelines when there is a need to increase rent to help landlords and their properties. 

There are two methods for submitting an application: 1) online application and 2) paper application with the packet with supporting documents. 

If a tenant breaches their contract, write a detailed letter to the tenant on how they violated their legal lease.

Let the tenant know immediately that they have broken a rule, by not paying rent, having pets, smoking in their unit, damaged property or are subletting. A landlord can evict a tenant for breach of contract.

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