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The business lawyers at Stone & Sallus help small, mid-sized and corporate businesses in the Los Angeles, California area with business legal matters including business formation, compliance, litigation, contracts, partnership disputes and more.

Equipped with the best business law attorneys in Los Angeles, we work in concert with our clients to assist in all aspects of a business, public or family owned, including strategic legal planning, purchases, sales, expansion, formation,  issues with an employee, and dissolution. We strive to help our clients enhance their businesses in a forward-thinking plan to ultimately transition the next generation into the business. We help to plan whether you are a start up or already conducting business. It is important for any business law attorney to address your current needs and future goals in order to provide quality legal services.

Matters our business lawyers handle include:

Stone & Stallus Business Lawyers in Los Angeles

Jason Stone & Daniel Sallus, Business Attorneys

Results-Focused Representation

S&S has been representing members of an LLC in litigation for the past five (5) years! The LLC was being exploited by one of the members who refused to share corporate information, refused to allow proper votes on important decisions for the LLC employment matters, and even interfered with its commercial clients and third party contracts. Several shareholders had interfered with the sale of a few corporate properties and called the corporate broker to disrupt the sale of the LLC commercial properties. S&S filed two receivership motions to take the power away from this rogue manager so that an objective, court-appointed individual could oversee LLC operations, pursue a sale of its commercial properties and dissolve a few of the subsidiary LLC. 

After months of emergency hearings, not allowing members to vote, appeals of court orders, S&S won their motions and the court appointed a receiver. Now the LLC members can finally cash out and move on.

Understanding Business Disputes in Business Law

We offer representation in business ownership disputes. These are internal disputes within companies where the owners of the business, corporation or LLC no longer agree upon management, control, or ownership of the corporation. These disputes take many forms, they involve partnership disputes, shareholder driven ownership disputes, and family owned business disputes. These disputes necessarily involve a sale of the entire business or a buy out of one owner by a co-owner. At the heart of these disputes typically is a battle concerning management, control, and the value of the company at issue.

We learn about the goals of the business, the role of the key players, and the cause and effect of the dispute. By understanding how your specific business operates, we may develop a plan tailored to your business on how to deal with the internal dispute in such a way as not to effect the long term profitability and sustainability. Whether this includes a General Partner, Owner, or shareholder, we alleviate the problem where possible, and return the focus to the health of the business.

Business Employment Law

Our firm provides sound advice and strategy as it relates to employer-employee decisions and planning.

Employment Law: We effectively advise local, regional, family, and franchise businesses as they negotiate with, hire and fire their employees and independent contractors.

Independent Contractor Law: We assist businesses as they structure their high-level executives and staff in employment contracts, supervision policies, and minimize and appropriately manage, risk and responsibility for independent contractors.

Family And Local Business Law

We care about your business. Our estate planning comports with our business planning. We understand the specific goals and needs of your business and real estate matters. We regularly consult, create, and work with, a variety of businesses, so we can view your operational, day-to-day practices to minimize liability.

It is an unfortunate reality that internal and external conflicts related to a business litigation case can put a strain on business operations and individuals and redirect resources that could have been used towards more profitable pursuits. As business litigation attorneys, our objective is to advise as to the most efficient and prudent course of action to reduce costs, save time, and resolve problems. In particular, families engaged in business benefit from our sensitive approach. We listen to your concerns and goals. We focus on careful planning to avoid expensive disputes and build successful and productive relationships for businesses. However, when necessary, we will aggressively and effectively pursue litigation, cognizant of your timing and financial needs, to help resolve the matter.

Business Compliance

Upon formation of a business and filing of the annual Statement of Information with the Secretary of State, the bylaws of a corporation require a shareholder and director meeting be held at least once a year to conduct corporate business and asset reviewal, including the election of officers and directors, and the approval of transactions which involve corporate assets. Further, a corporation that fails to comply with these requirements, will erode the shield of liability for the owners of the corporation for any lawsuit or tax audit. Failure to comply may also negate any otherwise available tax deductions. We offer a full service to ensure corporate compliance and one-on-one meetings to identify areas for potential increased efficiency in operations.

Getting Started With Business Formation

Selecting the Appropriate Entity

Because our clients compose a wide variety in the business formation world, we can accurately work with your financial planners, accountants, and other professionals to help ascertain the proper entity for your specific needs. If you’re starting a business or registering, it is pertinent to select the proper entity, tailored to your specific business and personal objectives and life circumstances. 


A partnership is a business entity where two or more persons or entities share in the profits and losses of that business. In many respects, partnerships are similar to corporations, yet there are a variety of interests. We analyze your specific goals and situation to select the proper entity for your business. In the case you already have a partnership and need mediation or legal counsel, our business law firm handles partnership disputes

Limited Liability Companies

The limited liability company was created and has become the entity of choice for many companies. A limited liability company provides liability protection of a corporation while also allowing the pass-through tax treatment of the partnership. This entity is not available (or permissible) for all business endeavors, yet is commonplace in a wide array of industries. Our firm is constantly growing with the ever-changing regulatory scheme which governs this entity, and our creative approach helps businesses tailor their entity to ensure the tax benefits and company success.


A corporation is the most commonly formed entity for a closely held business, and offers the advantage of significant flexibility. We are experienced in formation, operational issues, corporate policy, purchases and sales, mergers, dividends, shareholders agreements, and dissolutions. We will bring a high degree of skill in assisting you in all of these areas as well as advising corporate compliance as it relates to the Business Judgment Rule, Fiduciary Duties, and strategy.

Social Media & Talent

Influencer, Social Media, Talent: If you’re an influencer looking to monetize your content, manage and protect your brand, a new business looking to establish your legal entity or register a trademark, or a digital content platform looking to draft your service/campaign agreements, terms of service and/or a privacy policy, let our firm be your guide.

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