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When a business is formed and employees are hired, businesses both small and large must create contracts and statements that keep the business protected and your expectations with employees clear. Most employers treat their employees fairly and retain the services of people based upon proper standards. However, occasions might arise when where employees feel their right have been violated. Employment law was written to provide protection against unfair or unjust practices. Businesses that do not prioritize a strong, legal employment strategy may face a lawsuit from employees claiming unprofessional or illegal employment practices.. 

Whether your company needs help onboarding employees using best practices to legally and strategically run your business or an employee has filed a claim against you, we can help. Our firm protects businesses by writing up strong contracts that will hold up in the case of a dispute. The Los Angeles employment lawyers of Stone & Sallus will fight to protect your business on all legal employee matters. 

Types of Employment Lawsuits We Take On

There are numerous examples of civil actions involving employment disputes. When you work with Stone & Sallus, our lawyers will help protect you and your business from incidences of:


A current or prospective employee believes their employer exhibits discriminatory or racist tendencies and hires or promotes employees in accordance with such beliefs.

Wrongful Termination

An employee believes their superiors relieved them of their duties for reasons unrelated to their job performance.


One person or a specific group of employees opine that they are being harassed on the basis of issues such as gender or sexual orientation.


An employee believes they are being retaliated against for performing some type of action the employers did not approve of.

No matter the issue at hand, our team of experienced employment lawyers will thoroughly examine all facts and documents, doing everything in our power to protect your company.

Selecting the Best Employment Attorney

A bad choice selecting an employment lawyer can have disastrous results or vulnerable to a lawsuit that costs you your business. Here’s how to find the employment lawyer best suited to fight your case:

Obtain Referrals – Prospective clients are urged to gather referrals from many different avenues such as friends, family members, and professional contacts. That said, the searching individual should not settle on only one choice. Several possible candidates should be identified and researched further.

Attorney vs. Employment Attorney – Legal professionals should have many years of experience trying cases and completing proceedings pertaining to employment law. Moreover, the lawyer should possess experience handling cases pertaining to the specific subcategory of employment law the client needs. 

Research Thoroughly – The attorney chosen should have a list of satisfied clients and a history of winning or, at the very least, garnering settlements in previous cases.

Honest And Transparent Payment – Reputable employment lawyers will be clear and concise about their payment requirements. Moreover, said professionals should be willing to work out a fair and equitable agreement for those on limited budgets.

Effective Communication – Most successful lawyers are effective communicators who respond to their clients in a timely manner. When an attorney fails to respond to a client’s inquiries or does not keep said individual informed along every step of the preceding, serious red flags should be raised.

Speak with an Employment Lawyer Today

Businesses who are ready to strengthen their legal employment processes to avoid or fight potential violations of employment practices are encouraged to contact the offices of Stone and Sallus. We offer consultations. During this session, our team of employment lawyers will review the facts surrounding the case and offer advice regarding the most appropriate next steps for your business to take.

For further information, contact our Los Angeles employment attorneys online or call us at 310.889.0233.

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In the midst of an employment issue, I reached out to the Stone and Sallus law firm for guidance. Their expertise and counsel helped me better understand my situation, rights, and allowed me to successfully navigate the issue with my employer.