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Our firm boasts several experienced real estate attorneys in Torrance, CA. Real estate attorneys at Stone & Sallus protect homeowners, home buyers, home sellers, and landlords. We protect you preventatively with contracts and leases, proactively by acting before a case is filed, and in reaction to adverse actions or filings when necessary. Stone & Sallus real estate attorneys can handle any legal matter involving real property in California.

California Real Estate Law

Real estate law covers more than home purchases, sales, and rentals. There are 8 areas of specialty within California real estate law. Stone & Sallus has attorneys experienced in each. We provide legal assistance with real property transactions and cases including zoning, partitions, quiet title actions, and closing on land and property purchases. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting homeowners, homebuyers, landlords, and commercial entities. 

The most common legal issues our real estate lawyers see are land purchases and sales, clouded titles, title transfers, and adverse possessions, as well as other title actions. Real estate fraud is a growing area of law that our attorneys are well equipped to handle. We also help clients with easements, partitions, issues with homeowners’ associations (HOAs), and landlord-tenant agreements and breaches.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

The real estate transaction attorneys at Stone & Sallus both homebuyers and sellers by drafting contracts and negotiating terms and conditions most favorable to our client. We also negotiate contingencies for buyers or sellers that dictate what happens if some aspect of the deal falls through. Common contingencies are a homebuyer selling their current home or the seller buying a new home. The real estate attorneys at Stone & Sallus protect your interests in these negotiations.

Stone & Sallus also provides suretyship and guaranty services. A guaranty agreement is made by a third party to guaranty that payment will be made in the event the party they represent is unable to hold up their end of the purchase contract. A suretyship is the special type of insurance that is created when our firm guarantees the performance of the client.

Partition Law 

There are many instances in which co-owners of a property will have a conflict that results in one owner filing a partition action. A partition action puts the matter before the court, where the property will be divided as fairly as possible according to the priority of liens and interests on the real property. When this is not possible the judge can order that the property be sold and the proceeds distributed appropriately. Partition actions are most common when co-owners of a property part ways, or when a co-owner wants to be able to leave their interest in the property to an heir in their final documents.

Commercial Real Estate laws 

It takes a talented real estate attorney to handle commercial real estate matters. Our attorneys facilitate acquisitions and transfers of commercial property. We also assist with the issues of ownership and management of commercial property, which owned and occupied or leased commercial space. Our California real estate attorneys protect your interests and represent you against common perils. 

Construction and development of commercial property and multi-family properties requires special care due to potential zoning issues. In addition to resolving zoning concerns, our real estate attorneys ensure your contractors are following all permitting laws and building codes. We also negotiate favorable terms with the land purchase, contractors, and financing. 


There are many issues that can arise with a title or deed for real property. A title search should be done on any property before purchasing to ensure that there is no cloud on the title. Many homeowners do not know there is a cloud on title until they move to sell their home. When another entity claims interest in a property, a quiet title action is required to remove the claim or objection on the title. An experienced real estate attorney from Stone & Sallus represents clients in quiet title actions, as well as warranty deeds, title transfers, and adverse possessions.

Contract Disputes 

Real estate contract disputes can end in disaster when not handled properly. Our real estate attorneys in Torrance CA pour over the contract and protect your interests. Failing to fulfill a contract in its entirety results in a breach of contract of varying degree. Contract disputes based on a part of the contract being unfilled are specific performance failures and should be enforced. 

The most common real estate contract disputes are misrepresentation by failing to disclose an important aspect of the house, the title, the property, or the purchase agreement. For example, failure to disclose that a roof needs to be replaced is a breach of contract. Real estate fraud has become very frequent since the start of the pandemic, and an experience real estate attorney can protect you and get compensation for your losses in these cases.


Landlords should never attempt to draw up a lease agreement and enforce it on their own. Whether you own one property or ten, an experienced real estate attorney should draft the lease, guiding you in the terms and conditions that can and can’t be included. Landlords are prime targets for frivolous lawsuits, and the attorneys at Stone & Sallus represent you in any case that may arise. 

The biggest issues that landlords face are tenants in breach of their lease. The law is very clear on how landlord tenant disputes are handled. Tenants breach leases by causing property damage, failing to pay rent, or breaking another section of the lease. What type of offense the tenant has committed determines how the landlord may react. Our landlord attorneys are here to help you through the entire process for better management of your investments.


An easement is a right of access granted to an entity for a specific purpose. Many properties have utility easements that cannot be reversed. Other types of easements can be lifted or removed depending on the circumstances. It takes an experienced real estate attorney specializing in easements like those at Stone & Sallus to enforce or remove easements in Torrance, California.


Commercial real estate investors and developers know and understand zoning laws. New businesses, companies new to the area, and especially small businesses often need guidance to ensure that the new location is zoned correctly. Likewise, purchasing a building previously zoned as commercial for use as residential property, or visa versa, requires specific filings if it is possible. Our knowledgeable real estate attorneys are familiar with zoning laws, regulations, and permits in Torrance and Los Angeles County. When zoning is challenged, our attorneys are there to protect your interests and get your project moving forward.

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